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At the most fundamental level, we’re only as strong as our team. It’s our goal to make sure our team is the happiest and the healthiest in the industry and we’re chasing it down every day. Paramount Hotels is a growing generational company, and that means more than remembering where we came from—it also means keeping a purposeful eye on the future, imagining and then creating the kind of place we know Paramount can be.

We value our diverse culture and environment and believe that it not only affects our employees and guests, but that is bettering our communities and redefining expectations within our industry. Paramount has earned a reputation for professionalism that reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace that is healthy, inspiring, and joyful. Our vision is to grow sustainably, intelligently, and thoughtfully build an enduring legacy brand. Leaders within Paramount Hotels are visionary, collaborative, abundant, and kind. Our leaders always consider our integrity and make decisions with consideration for what is in the best interest of our team members and partners. Our leaders understand that this clear-eyed comprehensive approach not only serves us well in the business arena, but also internally and personally, keeps us intact. 

The Guest Services Agent represents the hotel throughout all stages of the guest’s stay. As many times the first (and often the last) team member that guests will come in contact with, professional and courteous one-on-one interactions are vital. 

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New Chapters

Together we're writing the story of Paramount Hotels

New Chapters highlights the most important feature of Paramount, the thing that makes us different than other hotel brands, and the reason behind every decision we make: Our Team. Going forward we’ll be celebrating milestones, new additions, retirements and much more…just like family. 


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