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Paramount Acquisitions & Developments


The Paramount team believes that growth without vision, principal, experience, and planning isn’t a sustainable (or attractive) strategy… but that with it, driven by a collaboration of purpose, growth can be a lucrative, rewarding and exciting path toward building a future that’s good for business, our partners and our communities.

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Management & Consulting

Management begins with integrity and trust, so when guiding the course of our partners’ assets, we understand the depth and importance of the task. From hotel to investment management, Paramount brings a spectrum of personalized strategies tailored to our unique markets and goals. Decades of expertise has taught us that true value is derived from far more than revenue and returns, it’s through stewardship that lays a sustainable foundation for generations to come.

Due Diligence

It helps to know what you’re looking for. Decades of experience paired with fresh perspectives gives the Paramount team an edge when it comes to ferreting out problems as well as shining a light on opportunities. Not every team brings the same level of scrutiny and perspective to helping you decide if a prospective venture is a smart wager, one that aligns with your company’s objectives. To bring sound advice to the investors we guide, it takes a rock-solid rapport and exceptional trust. So, while Due Diligence may not sound like the most relationship-heavy service we offer, we believe it’s a bellwether for everything else we do, for our promise and mission, and for our values and vision.

Exterior view of hotel entrance & illuminated sign at Paramount Hotel Seattle
Exterior view of the hotel entrance & motor lobby at Maui Coast Hotel Kihei

Investment Opportunities

When you choose to invest with a company, it’s much more than numbers on a page, equity, or debt positions. At Paramount, we believe that every dollar you spend (or invest) is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Of course, we have an eye on bottom lines and ROIs, but we believe that can be compatible with our mission and values—that what we build can be even better when we align ourselves with stewardship of the planet and a commitment to creating the healthiest and happiest teams in the industry. We believe that numbers are an important metric of success, but that when you make decisions, both big and small, with your principles at the forefront, stellar results follow.

To learn more about equity and debt positions in Paramount Hotels’ newest developments, assets, and restructuring projects, or to browse or propose opportunities, please contact Kyle Asher or Devon Edwards.

Sound Advice for your Investment

Every great partnership begins with an honest conversation. We look forward to getting to knowing you.

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Investment Opportunities

We believe that numbers are an important metric of success, but that when you make decisions, both big and small, with your principles at the forefront, stellar results follow.

Low-angle exterior view of the hotel at Paramount Hotel Portland

Design & Construction

Decades of in-house experience dovetailed with a far-reaching grid of specialists, fresh eyes and open minds, has a way of bringing great buildings into reality.

Exterior view of the hotel entrance & sidewalk at Paramount Hotel Portland


Savvy hoteliers understand that the products within their hotels are a direct extension of their brand. Good procurement goes far beyond good taste, it sets the tone for the experience your guests will have and it makes a statement about what you as a company values.