Exterior view of hotel entrance & illuminated sign at Paramount Hotel Seattle



Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Paramount Hotels has its eyes set on horizon. We continue to build a sophisticated portfolio of commercial and residential projects alongside a network of professionals who are the best in their fields.   
We’re squarely located in the sweet spot between wherewithal and agility; big enough that we can make things happen, but small enough that our decisions are made with consideration for what is in the best interest of our team members and partners … a Goldilocks brand.

Lounge area with luxury comfy sofas at Paramount Hotel Portland


Throughout the years, Paramount has earned a reputation for professionalism that reflects our commitment to our team members and partners alike in the communities in which we live and work. Paramount’s eye is set not only on the next year, five, or even 10—instead, our goal is to continue sustainably, intelligently, and thoughtfully building a legacy brand that will endure for generations. At our core we value quality over quantity, and have set a benchmark of steadfast integrity, dignity, transparency, and generosity through every tier of our organization. We commit to earning and keeping the unyielding trust and loyalty of our partners, employees, and guests.

Close-up of men's leather brown shoes by a lounge in a Room at Paramount Hotel Portland


At Paramount Hotels we recognize that we are only as good as our word. When we make a promise to ourselves, our employees, and our guests, it is fundamental to our culture that we live up to those declarations. These are our promises: We promise to treat everyone with dignity. We promise that we will make decisions that align with our core values and that we will act with integrity and honesty. We promise to be transparent. We promise to be fair. We promise to be kind.


Paramount Hotels’ work is to create a legacy that will endure and expand for generations. Our vision is to redefine and create the kind of environment that not only affects our employees and guests, but that betters our communities, and changes hearts, minds and expectations within our industry. Our purpose is to create a workplace that is inspiring, joyful, and abundant which in turn creates lifelong memories for our guests. Our purpose informs everything we do, reminding us we are not only a business, but a contributor to the world in which we hope to live. Our vision stretches far into the future and imagines a company and hotels where our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be proud to work and visit.


Foremost, we are building our company with the same ideals that have shepherded us thus far, holding highest our focus on family and relationships. We choose partners who we believe will grow alongside Paramount and who share our ethics. When considering individuals and companies with which to work, we always ask ourselves if our partners feel like us, if they share our values—a question which not only has allowed us to cultivate an exceptional team of professionals, but also as a testament to our Polaris.

A Goldilocks Brand

One of the things that makes Paramount successful is our balance between wherewithal and agility. We are big enough that we can make things happen and able to take advantage of smart opportunities, but small enough that our decisions are made with consideration for what is in the best interest of our team members and partners. Although we have division of responsibilities, our strategy always considers our integrity. This clear-eyed comprehensive approach not only serves us well in the business area, but also internally and personally, keeping us intact.

Luxury lobby lounge area by the front desk at Paramount Hotel Portland
Illuminated Hotel sign by a water fountain at Paramount Hotel Seattle


WestCoast Hotels, Inc. was founded in 1986 and into the 90s, grew to manage and market 42 hotels across the Western United States.   

In 1999, WestCoast sold its assets to Spokane-based Red Lion except for seven boutique hotels including the Seattle Paramount, Roosevelt Hotel, Gateway Hotel, Wenatchee Center, Maui Coast, Portland Paramount, and The Benson Hotel. Consequently, Paramount Hotels LLC was launched in 2000, managing the remaining portfolio until 2009. In 2010 Paramount sold four of the seven properties, but retained its Seattle, Portland and Kihei Maui locations.

Paramount’s key executives include second-generation business owner Matthew Olson who serves as President, veteran hotel executive Devon Edwards who is vice president and CFO, and operations expert Kyle Asher who is vice president and COO.  

In addition to managing its current portfolio of boutique hotels, Paramount is expanding its branded holdings in Hawaii. Paramount also offers both branded and non-branded hotel development and management as well as residential development.