Low-angle exterior view of the hotel at Paramount Hotel Portland

Design & Construction

Inscribing Ourselves on the Future of Building

We think building things is cool. Imagining something new, figuring out original and better ways to bring it together, gathering and guiding a team of experts to design it, witnessing ideas and plans take form, and having a hand in meaningful progress is what brings our team back day after day. We like to say that nothing gets our hearts pumping faster, and puts smiles on our faces, quite like seeing sticks in the air.

Whether you’re looking for a team to manage the creation of a branded or non-branded hotel, or you have a residential project that needs an exceptional team to make it a reality, consider Paramount’s approach. Decades of in-house experience dovetailed with a far-reaching grid of specialists, fresh eyes and open minds, has a way of bringing great buildings into reality.

Aerial view of hotel exterior at Paramount Hotel Seattle


Working alongside some of the industry’s best respected brands—like Hilton—is one of the things we do best. We love to dovetail our custom and curated approach with the outstanding frameworks the big brands have created and fostered for decades. Quite simply, we love to build and we’d love to talk to you about how we can make your vision come to life. 


The boutique hotel is near and dear to the Paramount family’s heart. Over the years, we’ve imagined and built more than 45 non-branded hotels and we’re just getting started. Sometimes your vision is simply one of a kind and we’re here to help you realize it. We’re not afraid of niche thinking and we believe that you’ll find the knowledge and experience we bring is amongst the best in the industry.

Exterior view of the hotel entrance & motor lobby at Maui Coast Hotel Kihei
Exterior view of hotel entrance & illuminated sign at Paramount Hotel Seattle